Center for Business Acceleration

Studies have shown that student achievement in online exams may be influenced by whether or not the test taker is supervised. The demand for organizations that offer remote proctoring is getting higher, and one of our customers is a good example of how it all works:

The Center for Business Acceleration (CBA) is an online non-profit institution of higher learning. Their students are required to pass exams after every curriculum. Since they deliver their courses exclusively online, the CBA decided to do the same for their exams. When the CBA decided that they want to focus on the quality of their educational program rather than policing their students, they partnered with Examitor.
Here’s what they have to say:
“It is great to have a trusted partner in this field, so we can guarantee to our students and their superiors, managers, and employers that the exams will be conducted fairly. We can be sure that the results will be a demonstration of each student’s true knowledge. Since we left this piece to Examitor, we have had more time to focus on our organization’s goal – educating our students and supporting them properly.”
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