NOTE: For any rule violations, and at any time, the proctor can exercise their right to exclude a student from the exam process.

During the exam, students should not exit full screen mode, turn off their video screens, or switch between windows.

In addition, students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Prior to starting the exam, students must sweep the webcam around the testing location, to show their surroundings and prove that they are alone.
  • The testing location must be well lit with no shady areas. It must be a clean, quiet, secure environment, free from distractions and noise.
  • No one else is permitted in the testing location. This includes pets as well as children, neighbors, family members, friends, and any other persons.
  • Students must clear books, papers, notes, pens, and other items from their immediate area.
  • Test takers cannot take notes, have any scratch paper, or read the questions aloud.
  • Students will be asked to remove any jewelry or watches from their wrists, and to uncover their ears.
  • Hair must be above or around ears to show that they are free from any speaker device.
  • No headsets or any devices are permitted around or in the ears.
  • Students must present ID to a webcam when instructed to do so.
  • Students must have a mirror to show the proctor that there are no notes or materials on the computer and that there is nobody under the table. Proctor can request the mirror check at any time.
  • Test takers must have their backs/chair backs against a wall.
  • Eyes must be facing forward, on the screen, at all times. Eye movement is monitored for looking in directions other than the screen.
  • No windows are permitted behind the test taker.
  • No mirrors are permitted behind the test taker.
  • Test takers cannot eat, drink, or chew gum.
  • Test takers cannot leave the seat, text, or answer the phone.
  • Test takers may not use dual monitors.
  • Audio must be enabled so proctor can listen.
  • If a student alters the mode (exits kiosk mode), the proctor is notified and student will be excluded from the exam process.
  • Test takers may not use another device to search the Internet.
  • Students are obliged to report the existence and/or possession of resources that might give him/her an unfair advantage over other students.