Take a look at some of the most common questions about Examitor and the remote proctoring process.

1. How do you ensure that students do not cheat during the exams?

Every student must verify their identity prior to taking the exam. For the full set of rules students must follow for cheating prevention, please click here.

2. How do I know that the remote proctors are reliable?

Our proctors receive intense training prior to starting work at Examitor. In addition, all exams are recorded, and exam recordings will be reviewed before finalization by Quality Assurance personnel.

3. How will the proctor validate the student’s identity prior to taking the exam?

The student must upload an official government-issued ID (with a photo of the student and his/her legal name) after registration and prior to the exam. The proctor will compare and check the student video, the provided ID, and the student’s digital signature.

4. What are acceptable locations for taking the exam?

The students can take the exam at any location, as long as they are alone in the room and there are no mirrors or windows behind them.

5. What technical requirements are needed to use Examitor ?

You can see all the technical requirements here.

6. How do I schedule the exam?

Please visit the Schedule the Exam page, and follow the instructions given there.

7. Is it possible to reschedule an exam?

Yes. Students can re-schedule the exam once without forfeiting the exam, but they must reschedule at least 72 hours prior to the previously scheduled exam.

8. What happens if the student has questions/ issues with the test while they are taking it?

If the student has a technical issue with the exam, he/she can use the chat box to ask the proctor for assistance. However, students are not permitted to ask for help related to the questions in the test.