How It Works

Remote proctoring is a new, simpler, better way to monitor exam taking. No matter what institution you represent, outsourcing to Examitor means your only concern is what to do with the final scores.
So, how does it work?


  • On the Examitor scheduling page, the students will:
  1. Review system requirements for remote examining;
  2. Upload a personal ID scan from their computer;
  3. Select an available exam date and time in the calendar panel.
  • When a student clicks on the exam page after scheduling, he is redirected to a timer that shows how much time is left before the exam begins. Students can re-schedule the exam once without forfeiting the exam at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled exam.
  • Once the student has scheduled the exam, the Examitor Administrator will select a proctor for the scheduled exam.


  • After the student schedules an exam, a proctor is chosen and the exam time slot will appear on the student’s calendar.
  • Before proceeding to the exam, the proctor will verify the student’s identity.
  • During the exam, the proctor can use the messaging function to contact the student.
  • Chat opens in a separate window pop up (still within Kiosk mode).
  • If student violates the exam behavior rules, proctor can report the violation and exclude student from examination.
  • If there are no violations, proctor finishes the exam according to the scheduled time.

Cheating prevention

Our dedicated Examitor proctors have a set of rules to ensure exam integrity.
The whole set of rules is available for every student Rules.